Measure Rim Runout and Force Matching

Rim runout can be measured without removing the tire...
... or directly at the bead seat on a bare rim.

The Road Force® GSP9700 measures lateral and radial rim runout without removing the tire from the rim and quickly indicates if runout is tire-related. Runout can also be measured at the actual bead seat on a bare rim.

The Road Force® GSP9700 slowly rotates the wheel automatically during measurement.* The Road Force® GSP9700 then calculates the contributions of the tire and the rim to the vibration problem and presents the technician with easy-to-follow repair instructions.


Hunter's patented ForceMatch® feature cancels the stiffest point of tire radial force variation with the low spot on the rim. This helps eliminate vibration by minimizing the effects of radial force variation and rim runout.

QuickMatch® measurement may also be chosen to quickly audit and match-mount with loaded runout instead of force calculations if greater time savings during cycle time is preferred.

Once the correction is completed, the technician can continue with a precision wheel balance by instantly choosing the balancing method without key closure steps.

Offering the same service as vehicle manufacturers, the GSP9700 matches the stiffest area or high spot on the tire with the lowest spot on the rim to cancel vibration caused by radial force variation and provide the smoothest possible ride.


StraightTrak® Lateral Force Measurement Balancing Technology

Solve Tire Pull Problems With the Hunter Road Force® GSP9700 That Alignment Service Can't Fix

Tire-related pulls are caused by lateral forces in the tires. Lateral force is the amount of left or right pull force created as the tire rolls along the road. This condition may cause a vehicle to steer away from straight-ahead. These forces are primarily created by conicity and cannot be detected during standard balancing or alignment service.

Deliver the Ultimate in Customer Satisfaction

The StraightTrak® LFM feature measures lateral tire force during the Road Force® GSP9700's Road Force Measurement® test. The Road Force® GSP9700 then applies this lateral force information to the set of tires, providing the technician with optimal placement choices about the vehicle.


StraightTrak® LFM Integration

By partnering a StraightTrak LFM equipped Road Force® GSP9700 with a Hunter wheel alignment system, the technician will finally be able to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction by achieving the four main wheel service criteria customers expect in vehicle ride quality:

  Proper Tire Wear
  Straight Vehicle Tracking
  Smooth Ride
  Straight Steering Wheel

Watch the StraightTrak® Video


SmartWeight® Balancing Technology

Unique Benefits:

  Cuts wheel weight costs 30% to 40%
  Significantly reduces labor costs and service time
  Simplifies balancer use
  Eliminates shortcuts that affect quality
  Automatically performs a better overall balance

Watch the SmartWeight® Video


Hunter EngineeringÕs patented SmartWeight¨ balancing technology is a revolutionary wheel balancing method that minimizes correction weight usage and maximizes productivity, saving money on both material and labor costs. SmartWeight balancing technology can reduce wheel weight costs 30% to 40%, reduce the time it takes to balance most wheels, and improve vehicle ride quality.

This new method computes correction weights by independently evaluating static (shake) and couple (shimmy) forces that cause dynamic vibration. Unlike traditional balancing, which displays balance conditions based on correction weight values alone, SmartWeight balancing uses the actual static and couple forces to directly address the source of vibration, resulting in the best possible balance.


SmartWeight balancing software displays and stores wheel weight savings for each balance cycle and tracks wheel weight savings over time.

This example shows that for 2,438 wheels SmartWeight technology saved a total of 1,939.5 oz. (32%) of weight. Labor time was also reduced, because 53% of the wheels were dynamically balanced with only one weight required.


Save Labor Time on More Than 30% of Balances!

SmartWeight technology typically reduces Ůfloor-to-floorÓ cycle time on more than 30% of wheels balanced by using a single wheel weight to achieve the best possible static and couple balance.


For more information about SmartWeight® Balancing Technology,

* Requires optional StraightTrak¨ LFM feature.
** Patented
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