Dataset® Arms Speed Floor-to-Floor Cycle Time...

Inner Dataset® Arm

Inner Dataset® arm determines exact placement for weights and allows automatically measures weight positions on wheels up to a 30" (762 mm) diameter.
Automatic Double Dataset® Arms

Inner and Outer Dataset® arms speed wheel data direct-measure input and placement of clip-on or adhesive weights, increasing accuracy and allowing more single-spin balances.
Rim Scan Feature*

The inner Dataset arm will trace the exact wheel contour and store the scanned distances and diameters for all available tape weight locations selected by the operator. Rim Scan also offers the benefits of Automatic Weight Positioning to increase the capability to single-spin balance with SmartWeight® technology.
Patch Balance Feature

The perfect choice for oversized custom wheels and tires. With 4x4 and street cruiser tire weights growing in size, the Patch Balance® feature solves excessive lead or adhesive weight balance problems by using weighted patches inside the tire. Rim-mounted weights can be reduced or eliminated. Increase profits by balancing oversize tires that others turn away.

Automatic Weight Mode and Location Detection**

This feature eliminates the need for the technician to select balance modes, reducing service time and possible mode entry error. Balance mode is selected automatically based on the position chosen for the Inner Dataset arm or Outer Dataset arm.

When the technician places the Inner Dataset arm...

... DOWN inside the wheel, the balancer automatically selects "Tape-Weight Mode".
... UP on the wheel, the balancer automatically selects "Clip-Weight Mode".

Exclusive Features Make Expert Balancing Easier and Faster

Optional AutoClamp Feature

The optional AutoClamp is positioned and tightened automatically saving time and effort. There are no time-consuming shaft threads to take up and no additional wing nut tightening is required.
CenteringCheck® Feature

This patented feature, exclusive to Hunter wheel balancers, ensures that the wheel is properly centered when mounted on the balancer, eliminating guesswork when choosing mounting accessories or set-up errors on problematic wheels.
Servo Stop and Servo Push Drive Control*

Servo Stop automatically rotates and holds the wheel at the desired top-dead-center clip-weight or bottom-dead-center adhesive-weight location. Servo Push operates with a push of the wheel, automatically rotating the wheel to the next weight placement position.
BDC Adhesive Weight Placement Laser

Activated by the ServoDrive system, the BDC laser line automatically identifies the bottom-dead-center position for fast adhesive-weight application by helping guide operator to optimal location for correct weight placement.
Quick Cal-Check® Calibration Feature*

Just attach the calibration weight and press "start" In just a few seconds, this patented and exclusive feature confirms balancer calibration.
Spindle-Lok® Brake Feature

Tapping the foot brake activates entry and storage of wheel data. The foot brake also locks the spindle for easier tightening and loosening of the wing nut.

Hide, Reduce or Move Weight Positions to Alternative Locations

SmartSpoke™ Weight Locator Feature**
Derived from SmartWeight® balancing, the SmartSpoke™ weight locator feature exclusively enables the technician to achieve the best possible balance by placing only a single adhesive weight behind one wheel spoke instead of two weights behind two spokes. This feature reduces weight use, minimizes labor time and speeds the balance procedure.

  Exclusive Split Weight® mode key splits the clip weight into two smaller weights and relocates them on the wheel. Repeated use of the key presents multiple split-weight choices.
  Eliminate weight inventory over 2.25 oz. increments on passenger-car, SUV and light-truck applications.
  Shift the weight position to avoid obstructions, such as trim ring clips.

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