What is the best way to static balance a wheel?


Identifying the Static Balance Weight Plane


1. Clip-on weight

This is the most common form of incorrect “hidden-weight” balance. It is used when weights are not wanted on the cosmetic outside areas of the wheel. This often increases dynamic imbalance.

2. Adhesive (tape-on) weight

Centering the weight in the wheel is the preferred static correction. This will not add additional dynamic imbalance, however residual dynamic imbalance should still be checked.

3. Balance pad weight

In some cases, excessive amounts of correction weight are required at the wheel. Some balancers allow the correction weight location to be chosen at the tire. This reduces excessive amounts of weight at the wheel. Static “patch balancing” works well for oversized wheel diameters and low profile tires (example; 20”-23” customization).
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