Important: These Items Must Be Followed to Ensure Acceptable Service

  Verify wheel centering before measurement.
  Avoid static weight, single-plane balancing. Use a two-plane dynamic balance mode even for hidden weights.
  Set tire inflation pressure to vehicle specifications. (check inside door panel)
  Road testing/exercising of tires may be necessary to remove temporary flat spots prior to measurement.
  Use proper tire lubrication and mounting methods to insure proper tire bead seating.
  When limits are exceeded, always loosen tire bead and reinflate or ForceMatch to verify proper wheel to tire mounting and optimization.
  Use realistic Road Force Measurement limits for the vehicle being tested. Always road test vehicle to confirm any remaining ride quality issues.
  Verify wheel centering on vehicle
  Periodically check balancer calibration and inspect accessories for wear.

GSP9700 Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedule Perform the Following Maintenance
  Spindle Maintenance - keep the spindle shaft assembly and wing nut threads clean and lubricated. Clean the spindle threads by running the edge of a rag between the threads while turning the spindle by hand. Lubricate the shaft with a coating of light lubricant with Teflon® such as Super Lube® by Loctite after cleaning. Do not lubricate the spindle hub face-mounting surface. This could cause slipping between the wheel and the hub face. Keep the hub face-mounting surface clean and dry.
  Cone Maintenance - keep the mounting cones clean and lubricated. Lubricate with a coating of light lubricant such as WD-40. Inspect cones for excess wear, dings, burrs or other damage that may prohibit proper centering. Do not use cones in any way that is not described in the operation manual. This could cause damage to the mounting cone and not allow for proper mounting of the wheel.
  Inspect wingnut and clamp cup for excessive wear or damage.
  Inspect inner and outer Dataset arm rollers for excessive wear or damage.
  Cleaning the Console - When cleaning the console, use window-cleaning solution to wipe off the display console and cabinet. Do not spray window-cleaning solution directly onto control panel or CRT. Power should be off prior to cleaning the CRT.
Periodically (when balancer chases weight on check spin) Perform a QuickCal Check to determine if calibration is necessary. This should be performed after balancer has been in operation for at least 10 minutes.
Monthly Inspect inlet air filter/dryer - clean replace as necessary.
Semi-Annually Preventive Maintenance visit by Hunter Service Representative which will include all the above in addition to the following:
  Perform audit check (quality report for vibration control system)
  Perform full system diagnostics (including air system)
  Load roller friction material inspection
  Check printer operation
  Cone inspection with dial indicator
  Check belt tension
  Full system calibration
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