What Are The Limits for P-Metric and LT Tires on the GSP9700?


The GSP9700 road force measurement default limits for P-metric tires is 26 lbs and LT tires is 39 lbs. These default limits should be considered only as specified guidelines. They are based on recommendations from many OE vehicle and tire manufacturers and are a conservative average. Limits are used with the GSP9700 as a point of reference so that diagnostic messages guide the operator in decision making processes.

Do not use these limits as the only basis for a tire or wheel replacement. It is up to the manufacturer of the tire or wheel to determine what is defective and what is acceptable if warranty returns become a concern.

Road force limit settings can be programmed into the GSP9700 for passenger tires (P tires), passenger/SUV tires (P/SUV tires), and light truck tires (LT tires).

Every vehicle platform has a different sensitivity level and tolerance to RFV and imbalance. Known sensitive vehicles may require lower limits to resolve ride disturbance issues. For example, in some cases, an extremely sensitive vehicle may be affected when the tire/wheel assembly is above 15 pounds RFM. A setting of 26 lbs for P Tires and P/SUV Tires is often used as a “middle of the road” limit and does a reasonable job of identifying tires or wheels that may cause a problem. Limits in the Light Truck column are set higher to address the decreased vehicle sensitivity.

Hunter Engineering suggests that advanced users consider setting the default specs to a lower value for “P” setting and use the limit title “P” for sensitive applications. P/SUV limit values may be set to the original 26 pounds. This will give the operator three selections to choose from, P, P/SUV and LT. The above screen shows an example of user programmable settings. The lowest programmable radial 1st harmonic setting is 7 lbs, and the highest programmable radial 1st harmonic setting is 40 lbs.

P, P/SUV and LT may be selected by using the control knob on the GSP9700.

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